Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sharp PV-250 (LX/sidekick) unlocked free

Here's the procedure:

Insert your desired sim card (I use Talk @ text card/Philippines network )

Power on the unit:

press Menu then go to settings,sim center:

Once you're in the sim center, press enable sim lock:

enter sim pin - 1234 then press enable then exit at the menu again:

Press menu again, as you can see there is new option wich is Unlock sim card:

Now go to settings and sim cente again,,press Chnge sim pin then enter old
sim pin ( 1234 ) then new sim pin ( 0000 ) as confirm ( 0000 ) then submit:

Now you will see activation wait for 48 hours,,,just press menu + L key(botton) to leave the activation.:

Got ot settings again then network option (wireless on must be checked),
Scroll down then scan manually:

looking for network,some phones scan slow so repeat scan if fails...:

YOu will seee the network provider ,then select press done.

now Phone is unlocked free

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